Being a researcher is not just a job

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22/09/2020 3DNeonet

Being a researcher is not just a job

By Marco Bellisario

Despite the early stage of my carrier I have already expertise in the private sector thanks to my work in the Spanish  SME Ocupharm, but I had never been before involved in the creation of a scientific paper. 3D-NEONET has enabled for me the opportunity to be part of an academic group in Sweden (you can read my former post: Swedish Meatballs), during 12 months in which I became a real researcher.

The process of creating a paper starts way before the actual experiment: meeting with the group to discuss the topic and share ideas, gathering background information and additional resources, designing the experiment and methods, creating a budget, writing the proposal, then beginning the experiment, obtaining the results and processing the data, and finally after meeting again and got the feedback, the writing itself can start.

For the group’s leader it is a complex task to organize and lead a group, and each member is required to take the responsibility on the project. It is not only an impressive amount of work but also an example of what we can achieve with teamwork and shared knowledge. In an expanding field like re-vascularisation research, every successful paper is the base for the next one to be built upon.

It gives me the impression that once you get into research you can never really stop: there is always something more to study, to learn, some new variable to try or curiosity to satisfy, and I found myself asking many times “-what if..?-” between experiments. Trying to explain it to my friends I once said that being a researcher is not just a job, it is a mindset!!

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