08/01/2020 3DNeonet

Four seasons in one day, but lovely anyway

By Alicia Gómez Sánchez

My name is Alicia and I am delighted to tell you my experience so far with 3DNEONET. When I arrived in Dublin, an unexpected sun welcomed me. It lasted 2 days. After that, people always asked me the same question: how do you find the weather in Dublin? My answer was always the same: without this weather, Dublin would not be Dublin.

And trust me, it is worth it. The friendly people, the big green zones, the houses with their gardens, the Victorian houses, the rain, the weeks without seeing the sun… make Dublin one of the most lovely cities that I have ever seen.

I am an optic-optometrist. There are few people who know that it is possible to work in research from this background, because of that I feel very fortunate to take part in this project but, especially, to take part in Breandan research group. I have to thank them for the great welcome and their magnific support. And, for sure, thank Breandan, Yolanda and Basilio for this opportunity.

I have been so lucky to live in a lovely house in the South of Dublin, especially because I am so close to Bray. Between Bray and Greystones, there is a route that has stolen my heart. Specially if at the end of the walk, in Greystones, the next stop is La Creperie, to restock on energy and come back to Bray.

There is also a big national park called Glendalough in Wicklow County, where I went for a charity race organised by Figthing Blindness. Trust me, it was the incredible views that made me finish the race not my poor physical training.

Another wonderful experience organised by them, it is the Retina meeting. It was fantastic to hear people talk about their dedication and new projects about degenerative retinal diseases. The icing on the cake was to assist on the next day as a volunteer to help people with these conditions who assisted to ask and hear the principal researches about their diseases.

Events and meetings are continuously organised by UCD but if I had to choose one, no doubt, it would be Getting the vax on fact, a mix of emotions to increase the awareness of the importance of vaccine.

If you come to Ireland on Christmas, you must visit the Christmas markets. I went to the Christmas market on Belfast and we took advantage of our trip walking around the city. These kind of markets are the paradise for the food and Christmas lovers with a lot of food from different countries, sweets, Christmas decoration… Also, Belfast is a beautiful city where you can notice the British influence.

And this is all for now, but to be continued… (I’ll stay until June 2020!!)


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