Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL) in Braga: an amazing lab in a fantastic city

By Gonzalo Carracedo (Ocupharm-Spain to INL-Portugal)

This history begun some months ago. Our group research, as spin-off Company of the University Complutense of Madrid was included in European Project about drug delivery for oncology and ocular pathologies. It sounds amazing. We are working in drug delivery from contact lenses for treating dry eye and glaucoma. The 3D-NEONET project let us to know other research groups and other mechanisms to deliver different compounds in the ocular surface.

The last month (May 2017), I went to INL (International Nanotechnology Laboratory) in Braga, Portugal. Braga is a beautiful city to stay. The people are very hospitable and I recommend everyone to visit it. I had the opportunity to know one of the most important laboratories in nanotechnology. In addition, the experience was incredible. The INL group was very kind with me and I learnt another way to get our objectives in drug delivery, and dry eye diagnose: the use of nanoparticles.

My secondment interacts directly with the Catarina’s secondment because both were dedicated to evaluate the use of nanoparticles as vehicles to deliver melatonin in the eye to treat glaucoma. Moreover, both INL and Ocupharm are working together to develop a new diagnostic tool for dry eye diagnosis, based in nanotechnology. This is one of the collateral and positive effect, the choice to collaborate with other groups in parallel projects to the objective of the 3D-NEONET. Without 3D-NEONET, the collaboration between INL and Ocupharm would be very complicated, mainly due to the lack of knowledge about the other partner. Really, 3D-NEONET works like a real network of knowledge.

In conclusion, I am looking forward to enjoy my next secondment into 3D-NEONET project.

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