European media talk about our project

"Mejorar la salud visual gracias al océano (Better Vision Health thanks to the Ocean)"
"Hongos en fármacos contra el cancer (Fungi in Cancer Therapeutics)"
"Salidas profesionales para los estudiantes de Bioquímica y Biología Molecular (Interview to 3DNEONET Project Manager)"
"UCD leads a new research consortium to overcome obstacles in the development of therapeutics for oncology and ophthalmology"
"University College Dublin leads a new initiative to develop treatments for cancer and eye disease"
"CÚRAM Joins International Research Consortium to Accelerate Development of Cancer and Ophthalmic Therapies"
"Research consortium awarded €945,000 to develop cancer and eye disease therapies"
"3DNEONET stimulates innovation in Cancer and Ophthalmic Treatments by means of cross-fertilisation of knowledge"
"UCD to lead new international research consortium to accelerate the development of cancer and ophthalmic treatments "


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