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QUB secondment to Ocupharm. Madrid is a great place to visit, specially with young children

By Kavitha Mayakrishnan (Queens University Belfast-UK to Ocupharm-Spain)

The 3D NEONET secondment is an excellent programme where useful skills, great knowledge, and novel ideas are shared and transferred among the participants of this programme. It is also an interesting programme as participants will be getting a taste of another country and their rich culture. We had a great opportunity to be part of this prestigious programme during the summer of 2017.

We had a great experience during the secondment at Ocupharm in Madrid, Spain. The professional help we got for our research work was excellent. All the staff of Ocupharm were highly qualified in their respective profession, fully enthusiastic when providing assistance and very friendly in nature. We consider ourselves very lucky to have been working with such high-spirited team. They all went out of their way to help provide the best service they could to accommodate our study needs.

Madrid was a fantastic place to visit as well. The local transport was very well connected and the people of Madrid were very helpful and approachable, thus making our visits within the city very pleasant and less challenging. Plaza Mayor, the Royal Palace of Madrid and Buen Retiro Park are but a few among the many beautiful places worth visiting in Madrid.

The only regret we had from this programme was not knowing their language, Spanish. Although English is widely spoken in Madrid, we still feel we could have had a more meaningful time experiencing their culture and understanding them better if we spoke their language. However, we would like to say that Madrid is definitely a recommended place to travel for participants of the 3D NEONET with young children as there are many kid-friendly restaurants and loads and loads of play parks suitable for them.

We would truly recommend this programme to anyone who has an opportunity to participate, as you will definitely feel privileged to be part of this amazing adventure, just like we did.

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